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Breast Cancer Site

Join Team Discovery and help find a cure!

How do I join?

Please join us in the fight against cancer and juvenile diseases. Volunteer your spare CPU cycles to help process molecular research to end these terrible diseases.

Team Discovery gives you the opportunity to join the World Community Grid (along with University of Toronto and NYU) . Our home is at (also known as BroadBandReports). Come on by and find out what we're all about! Be careful though, it's addictive!


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World Community Grid Stats
Stats updated Sun, May 1,2016 at 03:15 AM
WCG Stats Page
Rank 18
Results 17,833,240(2,717)
Points 8,215,718,441(1,825,058)
Members 391
CPU Time 5805:287:19:40:31(463 dys)
Users active today 61
Users active this week 64
Results Rank 16
CPU Rank 23
Members Rank 105
New Members this week 0
Points in 1 year 9,012,257,341
Results in 1 year 19,051,688
Registered 2007-05-09
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